New website for a non-profit

MetroMorphosis is the brainchild of Rev. Raymond Jetson, envisioned as an overarching non-profit to manage and coordinate the operations of Better Baton Rouge, Urban Congregations, and the Urban Leadership Initiative. Rev. Jetson approached Franklin Associates in need of updates to his existing website.  Franklin managed the transfer of the domain and site to a new host.

MetroMorphosis website screen captureWe were able to secure no-cost domain registration, site hosting and email service due to MetroMorphosis’ not for profit status. The client desired an intuitive content management system which would allow future volunteer staff to update the site. Franklin recommended WordPress, and also suggested several “responsive” template designs for the client to consider. The advantage of responsive web design is that it is able to adjust itself on-the-fly to legibly fit various screen sizes of computers, tablets, and smart phones. A theme and color palette was selected and Franklin staff produced the fully functional website. After a normal review-cycle, additional plugins were installed to allow event scheduling, a discussion forum, social media linkages, visitor tracking, and e-newsletters. Each of these function at no cost and preclude the need for purchasing outside services.

Upon approval of the finished website and setup of client email accounts, everything was turned over to the client including a custom instruction manual and a collection of graphic template files. These have allowed MetroMorphosis to completely control its website and internet presence.