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APA – Louisiana Annual Conference ’14

logo of the APA-LA state conference

Franklin Associates is excited to participate in this year’s state conference of the American Planning Association for Louisiana. The conference is January 29 through 31 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans’ Vieux Carre. We are particularly thrilled to be presenting in two topic areas. Below are links to those presentations and some additional information which time constraints prevented us from sharing with you. Your thought and suggestions for ways we can improve upon this are always welcome.

Public Engagement Planning

risa's headshotby Risa R. Mueller, PMP
Vice President, Franklin Associates, LLC

Session Description

Recent years have evidenced a profusion of social media and opinion gathering tools and services being made available to take advantage of our “wired” society and our smartphones. Many of these are genuinely useful and also affordable means of collecting public input, but what are their weaknesses? When do they fail? And, whom do they omit from the conversation? Franklin Associates will tell of their experiences with using social media, online surveys, EventBrite, MindMixer, and related tools as well as mapping targeted populations to accentuate the public involvement process. The bottom line…layering, transparency and targeted message saturation are keys to success.


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Additional Information:

Open Source GIS

No-cost tools to free your data and aid in decision making.
james' headshotby James C. Taylor, AICP
Urban Planner at Franklin Associates, LLC

Session Description

GIS is a ubiquitous term for planners, geographers, landscape architects, and allied professionals. It conjures up images of a quiet person wearing thick glasses sitting at a big, twin-monitor workstation in the back of the office. “Order up!” she cries as a new thematic map spews from the plotter…

  • What if you could make maps for yourself?
  • What if data sets could be shared throughout the office…or across the globe?
  • What if you could do both for free?

Welcome to open source and cloud-based GIS. Learn how desktop and internet-based applications can set your data free. Understand their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for your workflows.

Screenshot_OpenSourceGIS(click to view)

This presentation was also presented to the Louisiana GIS Council at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry building at 5825 Florida Blvd. in Baton Rouge.

Additional Information…

  • The online presentation includes URLs to many cloud-based services and open-source desktop applications.
  • Planetizen offers a series of tutorials for QGIS. The first few are free.
  • QGIS tutorial and tips, by Ujaval Gandhi
  • QGIS QuickStart, at OSGeo Live

logo of the Louisiana Recreation and Park Association

Louisiana Recreation and Parks Assoc.

Public Engagement Lecture

Best Practices for Making the Best Parks Possible

Ted Jack, RLAFranklin Associates’ staff urban planner James Taylor was invited by Ted Jack, then the Assistant Superintendent of BREC to co-present a lecture on public engagement. Mr. Jack – a registered landscape architect having twenty years of experience in the parks and recreation sector – covered large scale (national, state and regional) recreation planning efforts. He emphasized the significance of statistically valid or “scientific” surveys of public opinion versus non-scientific opinion polling. Ted followed this with an in-depth look at the recent and dramatic renovations of Baton Rouge’s City-Brooks Park.

james' headshotAt the midpoint, James Taylor continued the discussion by highlighting the importance of and best practices for public engagement in local community projects. He illustrated this with the example of Lafayette Central Park (aka The Park at the Horse Farm)  currently under design and located near the campus of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

We invite you to download the PDF version of the presentation to study at your leisure. It has been split into two files to made downloading easier.

Public Engagement publicatonPart 1 (14 MB) by Ted Jack

cover slide, part 2 of presentationPart 2 (18 MB) by James Taylor