CATS Transit

Franklin has provided a variety of services to the Capital Area Transit System (CATS), both directly and under contract with MV Transit, the Dallas-based transit firm which has also been involved with¬†the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. Franklin staff have assisted CATS with implementation of a new distributed hub bus route system, a complete redesign of the agency’s website to incorporate new features such as a news feed and online purchase options, implementation of new technology tools including Google Trip Planner, graphic design, and aid in dealing with public relations issues.

We were instrumental in the data analysis and parsing that enabled the “text for info” capacity to be engaged. Franklin developed the original design and assisted with the creation of new bus stop placard signs, the first wave of which were installed along Florida Boulevard and Airline Highway in approximately fifty locations.

flag-mount_U-channel-12x12-top-1425 image of new bus stop signs

By providing a unique 4-digit Stop ID number at each bus stop, riders with cell phones are now able to text that code to CATS and receive instantaneous bus arrival information.